MOTIVATE prospects to buy
COMMUNICATE what makes your business different
DEMONSTRATE how your products work
EDUCATE customers and employees

The ability of video to improve business opportunity is the reason it is rapidly becoming a critical component of business communications.



Embed streaming commercials and product promotional videos into your Web site and online advertising.

Direct Marketing
Send targeted online and offline promotional campaigns featuring your latest product or customer testimonial on video. Reduce your costs and expand your reach using video email or an interactive CD or DVD to enhance or replace traditional print brochures and postcards.

Sales Presentations
Enhance sales presentations with video playing from a laptop on CD/DVD or use as a “leave behind” interactive brochure when visiting prospects … even integrate video into PowerPoint!

Sales Support
During live phone calls with prospective customers, your sales reps can provide the ability to view a product video online during their conversation.

Stop traffic at your tradeshow booth with a company or product promotional video looping from a large-screen monitor and promote your future tradeshows by sending prospects a video email.

Show your products unique features in action with a video product demonstration at the point of purchase.

Corporate Communications
Instantly communicate how your business differentiates itself from the competition by launching a “video welcome” or a company overview from your Web site.

Public Relations
Get your announcement the attention it deserves by integrating video into future press releases distributed by multimedia email to industry trade reporters, distributors and customers.

Newsletters & Announcements
Keep customers, partners, investors and employees informed with a periodic video email announcement or newsletter.

Video Kiosks
Create interactive video presentations using touch screens for tradeshows and lobby displays.

Training and Education
Deliver relevant training in a timely and cost-effective manner. Employees, customers, distributors and partners can get up-to-date product education and specialized skills training from any location.

Conferences and Events
Promote your next event or market and sell your valuable content by creating videos of keynote presentations and seminars.