Business Media: The Rise of Online Video

Video marketing is the latest marketing strategy. Quality video content, with correct tagging and intelligent distribution online has tremendous power to reach wide audiences.

With a quarter of top executives preferring video over text, and big improvements in online reporting, video, today, looks set to become the B2B marketing channel of choice. According to Google, over 1.5 million businesses search YouTube everyday for video content, thus making it the second most visited destination for business-related searches after the search engine. Richard Robinson, industry head for B2B marketing at Google, says “The fact is that B2B professionals are looking to consume content in a much easier way, but at the same time expect it to be in a rich media format, engaging and hard-hitting.”

Bunn. Jake Ward, director of client services of corporate video production company BroadView, says “Natural search may no longer be confined to the written word, with video presenters making sure they use their target keywords as liberally as possible.” Video content has played a major part in SEO ever since Google introduced Universal Search in 2008. “The update really changed the market because it means that video is seen as a higher-value tool and with it you see more cross-pollination between sites with link sharing and recommendations.”

Jack Wallington, head of industry at IAB, says UKOM will compliment other computer use data and can currently supply data for sites that have over 30,000 visitors a month. “The reaction has been very positive as it is something that has been sought after for a long time. B2B marketers will now be able to use UKOM to see which sites work best for their campaigns and from where they are being viewed.”

Marketing via video content has been growing fast and video marketing is set to enter the next phase of its development. Online video marketing has big advantages over traditional methods. Two main advantages are;

o The power of video as a medium to contact and communicate with human beings;
o The power of video to engage with search engines.

In other words, video not only influences customers’ buying decisions, it can also significantly boost your visibility to Google and the other search engines.

All video marketing starts with video content; acquiring quality, relevant and affordable video content can be quite an exhausting task. There are many options available for businesses; these range from DIY webcam/mobile phone/camcorder videos to costly, corporate marketing and promotional videos. These new forms of video content offer good value and they are good to watch – professionally made video podcasts need to have pro-sound and lighting. These videos are worth watching. Every business has some area of expertise, so talking about what you know and do best in your specific area, might interest the majority of visitors. Increasing popularity of “how to” videos supports it. People interested in additional information will actively search for this type of content

If you have the information, and are willing to give some of it away for free, you are sure to find plenty of content for video webcasting or podcasting.

As a business marketer you’ve realized that you should include video marketing in your marketing mix and you have created your YouTube channel, uploaded your first video and want to know the overall statistics for how your video is doing. YouTube has anticipated their customer’s needs, whether large or small, by including a free analytic tool named Insight that will provide you with robust data in order to analyze the performance of a business marketing video and with YouTube most recent upgrade it has expanded the features in this toolkit.

The general categories covered in the Insight tool for each video are Summary, Views, Discovery, Demographics, Community, and Subscribers for a YouTuber’s basic account.

The Summary section provides an overview of information that covers how many views your video has received on a time period graph, the geographic regions that most of your viewers are coming from, a count of the number of views you have received in graph format, the demographics of who your audience is, and a graph of the world that shows the popularity of your video by shading the countries in which most of your viewers derive from.

The Views section breaks down this data to each specific video that has been uploaded and allows you to view the count of your videos across the globe. The Demographics and Community sections go into in-depth detail regarding the demographic make-up of your viewers and whether they have commented on your video. The Subscribers section provides data regarding those viewers who have subscribed to your video content.

The Discovery section reveals some of the most important information, since it provides information that reveals the various sources of traffic for your video content. Its key in determining how viewers are finding your video content. Without this information it’s next to impossible to determine how to promote your YouTube videos. This tool shows you the percentage of total views in various categories by YouTube searches or pages, Google searches, related videos, external links, embedded players, and links from your YYouTube channel page, essentially, what links were followed in order to find your video. It also shows the location of the video player when the video was viewed such as a YouTube watch page, embedded player in someones else’s website or your own, YouTube channel pages and with the latest iPhone and Droid technology, if your video was downloaded from someone’s mobile phone!

Apparently, Youtube anticipated that it’s customers might want to save this data so that they can view or save this data over a period of time to make comparisons of their progress. YouTube allows the channel owner to download csv files of this data which can then be opened in most spreadsheet software programs such as Excel. All in all, Insight is a powerful tool for analyzing marketing data for your marketing video and YouTube is currently developing instructional videos on their website to support their users on how to use the powerful tool they have provided for YouTubers.

Using Video to Promote Your New Business

For new online businesses, video is often overlooked as a means to promote one’s business. When you consider how many people prefer to watch a movie or television versus those who prefer to read a book, it is not hard to see how adding multimedia to your both your site and video sites such as YouTube can generate a whole new level of interest in what you have to offer.

The idea of creating video content can be intimidating to someone who has not done it before, but today’s technology make it easier than ever. Nearly every digital camera offered today has a video setting that enables one to capture video footage. Add in a stand-alone microphone and tripod and you can create a well-produced video presentation of your sales pitch. Many one person businesses are already creating videos this way with successful results.

Even if you are camera shy, there are other ways to promote your business without putting your face on camera. One of the easiest ways is to use a screen capture video editing tool such as Camtasia Studio. It is a complete video editing tool capable of capturing every screen and click while you narrate an online tutorial about a site or application. It can even be used with a presentation application such as Powerpoint to create a distributable video presentation or training. Providing a valuable resource such as a training and submitting it to YouTube or offering this training as a free video on your website will make a memorable impression on your visitors. Most people use the internet as a resource for information and tools to make their life easier. Creating a tutorial fills that need and leaves people wanting to know what other needs you might be able to provide.

Another means of video production is to use an application which uses computer generated characters that are able to convert text to speech. In as little as a minute, you can convert an article or script into a video of a computer generated character reading your script. While not as professional as a live video of a real person or a narrated tutorial, this method does offer an alternative to getting your ideas out on video and without the cost of equipment or screen capture software.

If you are going to create video content for your website, make sure to do so on a regular basis so that you provide an incentive for visitors to return. If you create a valuable or interesting video, visitors will inevitably come back looking for more. Make sure to give them what they want. In time you will have a regular following.

Do You Have an Online Video Marketing Strategy?

YouTube dominates online video sharing sites with over 84% American visitors. MySpaceTV, Google Video, Metacafe, Yahoo!Video, MSN Video and BlipTV combined don’t account for even 10% of the American viewers. YouTube alone attracts more than 72 million unique visitors per month. This online phenomenon has dominated the web in the past couple of years and shows no signs of slowing down.

So why have you not yet implemented an online video marketing strategy?

Videos were once considered something that only the pros did or something that wasn’t part of the mainstream but that’s all changed. Video has evolved into the fastest growing content on the web. Video has become a web standard.

Maybe you are reluctant to enter the online video market because you don’t feel it is appropriate for your site or audience. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just about every company or website owner has a good reason to include video on their site. Besides the obvious “selling” video, why not create a video that demonstrates how to use your product, or maybe a way not to use your product, or an unorthodox method or use of your product.

A video doesn’t necessarily have to hard sell something. A video can add value to your website which enhances the overall experience for your visitors. An example would be a video that interviews a customer that’s used your product (testimonials). Customer testimonials are good whether your selling products or services. A video testimonial is a lot more powerful than a written testimonial.

Once you’ve decided it is time to add video to your site, make sure you do your homework. Think about the right video content for your site. Think about what style of video your visitors would expect to see from your product or service.

Let’s say you have a website about the best way to plant tomatoes, then a garden setting would be appropriate. Maybe you have a site that is about canning tomatoes, then a kitchen would be an appropriate setting.

What if your site is about something financial such as making money online whereby you can fire your boss and become financially independent. Give careful thought about filming a video showing you comfortably relaxed on a sunny day, stretched out by the pool with a pina colada in one hand and a laptop in the other with a mega yacht in the background. It lacks professionalism and your visitors probably won’t take you seriously.

The setting for your video is as important as the product or service you’re promoting. Define the role your video will play in your online marketing strategy.

When it comes time to get your video seen, any of the web’s major video sharing sites will let you upload a video. Besides YouTube, take the code and embed your video content on sites like, Stumbleupon, and Facebook. These sites are all integrated with video.

When you think about it, it’s easier to get massive exposure on sites like these via a video than a regular blog post because not as many people are using videos.

Online videos and social media have become huge and show no signs of slowing down and combining the two platforms has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with each other.

The smart marketer is becoming more familiar with video as a communication tool. Video is content and that content can be shared, discussed, tagged and rated. It’s no different than any other piece of content.

If you haven’t thought about the idea of adding video content to your overall online marketing strategy then you’re missing out on a world of opportunity that is now and will in the future dominate the web.

The Power of Customer Video Testimonials

Online advertisement has taken another dimension in recent time. There are ways that used to be very effective in various internet marketing campaigns and they continue to produce good results but video marketing has taken center stage. Customer video testimonial simply means getting a customer to speak about his or her experience while using your product or services in videos.

If your product or service is of high quality and your customers derive satisfaction from them, they would gladly say positive things about your product in videos. This will surely increase your product or services’ credibility and help to portray you as one that has excellent relationship with the customers. The credibility and acceptability the videos would give you and your product is unquantifiable.

Some prospective customers usually hesitates or would want to verify some of the testimonies before patronizing you but on seeing the video testimonial of another satisfied customer, they may be prompted to buy from you immediately without any second thinking. A customer that talks positively about your product or service in video is practically giving you a reliable endorsement.

Using video testimonial effectively usually brings out the strong point about the service or product you are promoting and also knocks down any doubt the prospective client or customer may be having regarding such service or product. It also plays a big role in subtly persuading the prospect to without any form of pushiness.

Video testimonials plays unique roles especially in speaking positively for the product because everything will be seen and heard live without having doubt is such is true or not. Many had earlier said that videos don’t lie and this is quite true when it is used in marketing any product or service online.

Any individual or company that wants to use video to market or promote any product online has to be very careful. The customer that is testifying about your product in videos should say positive things about the product without sounding unreal or exaggerating on the usefulness of such product. It is important to appear and sound real so as not to turn off the viewer or may the testimony look unreal.

Efforts should be made to get some of the celebrities that relate to the product to endorse such product in videos. It is much easier for lots of folks to buy a product with their two eyes closed as long as they are satisfied that such product has been used by a celebrity they respect. The videos shouldn’t be artificial in any way because it may have negative out come at the end of the day.

The power of videos and audios in any online marketing campaign is awesome because it compels many prospective clients or customer to purchase with added assurance. It is even very cheap to use video advertising to promote your product if you are to compare the gains or sales you will record after the marketing campaign. You can have people in your niche to testify for your product too but it is very important that such video testimonies look very real and convincing.

Video marketing trends started emerging early in the 21st century during the start of the 2.0 era. Previously, videos were just used to promote a certain product using visuals and sound effects. Today, internet marketers have successfully innovated on the use of videos to create massive results for their businesses. Let us have a look at some of these trends.

1) Viral Marketing Videos
A Viral marketing video is essentially a video that has a unique angle which makes people want to tell others about it. Examples of viral videos are like the Numa-numa song or Lady Gaga’s videos. These videos have amazing marketing potential and can create an exponential growth of followers in a short amount of time. Furthermore, with video sharing sites with millions of viewers like Youtube, videos have a ability to reach a wide target market easily compared to years ago.

2) Educational Marketing Videos

Educational marketing videos have taken the internet marketing world by storm. Programs such as Camstasia allow marketers to turn power point slides into interactive videos with voice overs. For added credibility, internet marketers have set the bar up by recording live seminars of themselves teaching others.

3) Sales Copy Videos
Instead of having a 20 page long sales copy, why not use a 30 minute video? You see more and more internet marketers having a sales copy page with just one video and an “Add To Cart” button. The fact is, no one likes to read. The emergence of this internet marketing trend shows that videos convert better than traditional text copies.

4) On-site Videos
You can now see real live people walking on screens of certain websites. People engage visitors. By having the human element on your site, you can connect with your prospects at a deeper level and relate to them better. One site that offers on site videos is

5) Video Streaming Sites
Video streaming sites have become the biggest marketing tool in internet history. You can now upload videos for free without having to worry about storage space of bandwidth. The social element of these sites allows viewers to post comments, video responses and create discussions and share videos. The Web 2.0 era has allowed the spread of information, videos and value to achieve levels of growth faster than before.

In summary, these video marketing trends have enormous potential in growing businesses and it is important for us to stay on top of the trends so that we can capitalize on these new findings in the internet marketing industry.

Making Money With Online Video

I am sure that you cannot help but to notice the number of companies which now have an online presence. This is because traditional businesses who used to rely solely on traditional means of marketing have now determined how to make money on the internet. This is becoming the norm. E-commerce is taking over from traditional means of doing business. For this reason, companies have to understand the totality of internet marketing if they wish to survive. One aspect of internet marketing which has become increasingly important in recent years is video marketing.

Did you know that there are over 100,000,000 websites on the internet today? What ever happened to the good old days when all you had to do was throw your website up, and the traffic would come? Well, those days are long gone. Therefore, as someone vying for the attention of your target market, you need to stand apart from your competitors. How can you do this?

The following points will show you some of the things that you should be doing to make sure that you separate yourself from your competition.

1. You have to take advantage of the tools which are available to you. One such tool is the video sharing portal known as YouTube. I am almost certain that every single person reading this article have viewed videos on YouTube. You can reach a vast audience within your niche market by using this great tool. Not only will you get direct traffic from those who search on YouTube, many of your videos will also rank in the search engines for key terms.

2. Prior to making any video, you have to know who you are making the video for. Thus, you must first identify your niche market. Who is in your niche market? What problems are they facing which need to be solved? Once you identify this, show them the solutions that your products or services provide them with. If you are posting a video an a sharing portal, make sure that you are aware of the keywords which are being used in the search engines by those in your target market. Tag your videos accordingly.

3. You should know up front that the attention span of the internet user is very sort. Therefore, eventually people are going to lose interest in your video. However, do not give them the chance to lose interest by making your video entertaining, to the point, and keeping it short. Just remember to put your call to action in the video.

4. You can also use your video to provide your future customers with an example of how your product or service will work for them. For instance, if you sell a product related to Search Engine Optimization, you can go through the steps of how the product works, and provide examples of results which have been received.

For anyone searching for how to make money, the key is standing out in your niche market. When you stand out, you eliminate the competition. Video marketing is one such method in which you can do this.

Visitors get glued by motion graphics in a website as videos capture immediate interest. Static graphics on a website just don’t engage the attention of the reader as promptly as something like a flash animation.

New developments in web video technology are translating to motion graphics that relay audio, text, music and motion at the click of a mouse. As anyone tracking web bounce rates will testify, you have to grab the attention of your visitor in a manner of seconds. You have to use innovative interactive techniques to capture their interest. You can both quickly attract and educate consumers to your products with motion graphics much better than static graphics simply because you can provide consumers with an engaging experience.

Video loops and video backgrounds can be the core of motion graphics that breathe life into your advertisements. Motion adds extra meaning to the message you want to convey in your ad or web video. The movement in motion graphics is capable to stirring a range of emotional responses from viewers. You can entice your viewers or repel them. You could surprise them or shock them. The stronger the emotion you evoke, the better your chances of converting eye balls to sales.

Static graphics are unable to convey on the uniqueness of your value proposition as well as motion graphics. Video provides a lasting impression of your site, your product and your message. As a business promotion tool, video ads are gaining favor among tech savvy consumers. Using inexpensive video backgrounds or video loops in your advertisements, you’ve hit on an effective, efficient and inexpensive method of marketing your products.

You can do lots of incredible things with video backgrounds and animations, from launching a remarkable new website to creating a cool branded video ad. Combine your animations with interactive components and you will enhance your online campaigns. Creative motion graphics are better than static graphics to snare your potential customers.

YouTube, the name itself suggests it’s you who tube. Then, why not to make its optimum use? Uploading personal Video on YouTube (YT) is the most popular source of entertainment. Besides, using it always as a fun thing, you can also use it for your business; Yes, for your own business. Be it small or large, a business can always benefit from video marketing in a great way.

However, though it looks very easy to harness, actually creating videos and uploading them in YT is not that simple. There are particular terms and conditions and particular criteria that you must fulfill for getting your videos uploaded in this site. YT can be the best form of video marketing, provided you follow the basic things properly.

10 of the greatest tips to use YouTube for your Business are discussed below:

1. Everyone knows we create video for uploading them in YT. But, it’s not sufficient for your business purpose. You have to take care of the fact that video on YT should be brilliantly interesting to catch viewer’s attention and the theme of the video should be rich and of public interest.

2. YT is the best marketing tool, as through it you can post all type of information related to your product. This is the best way to let all your customers, both existing and future, know well about your products. Moreover, this looks more like a face to face demonstration and without even interacting with them directly you can influence their buying decision.

3. Besides best marketing, YT serves as a good source of advertising. So, advise should be taken from a YT expert and video expert. This would help you in developing a video that would be strategically correct and would serve your business purpose effectively.

4. Posting a video know-how clip about your product will be another best promotional step. You can add a product review either by a YT expert or a video expert commenting especially on your product. Consequently, your product will earn more popularity as soon as the reviewer points out the best things about it.

5. A video know-how clip for the first time YT visitors will work magically as it will let people discover the best things and the user friendliness of the product.

6. YT videos can prove to be an authentic asset to your product if you guide your staff well in adding proper authenticity to it.

7. You can shoot videos of your office which will make your customers feel connected to you.

8. You can post your YT video links to various social networks. This in turn works like in two ways – Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

9. You can also get into a deal by asking other’s product to promote your product in their videos and you promoting theirs, just like the link-exchange in case of search engine optimization or SEO. Such cross-promoting will help you in earning more popularity.

10. Video marketing can be more attractive if you run a contest over the YT. This will make more viewers go through your video while participating in the contest. This will give a vigorous promotion to your business.

Just don’t forget to put a socialized touch into your YT profile. You can simply do it by putting your Twitter or Facebook profile link. So, enjoy YouTube videos and utilize its presence to boost your business.

Ten Creative Guidelines for Viral Videos

No matter what the size of your business, if you are using video to promote it, you will undoubtedly love your video to “go viral”. Going viral means that it comes infectious enough that people are sharing your content eagerly with one another and doing all the hard work of distribution for you. It’s the fastest means of seeing a traffic surge for your site and can be one of the most to see a surge of traffic and interest and it can be one of the most effective marketing tools you can have. If you want to harness the power of viral marketing, utilize these ten methods to create the buzz and interest that viral videos generate:

1. Be Original: Pick a unique and create approach that hasn’t be done before. One way of doing this is to play off current news, trends or interest that will give your video a unique spin on whatever is going on in the news right now.

2. Give Them What They Don’t Expect. Make sure your video should have at least one element that will shock or surprise people. People love sharing this kind of content with others.
3. Stay Away from Industry Buzzwords:
Your audience won’t care about corporate terminology or fancy dialogue. Keep the tone friendly and accessible.

4. Don’t Attempt to be “Cool”: Trying to be cool (and failing) is one of the fastest way to guarantee your viewers will turn away. They’ll consider you insincere. Stick to what you know and be who you are.

5. Keep it Short. The best viral videos are almost always short and sweet. They usually only last a minute or two, providing a quick laugh, insight or surprising experience that people can watch, share and the more on to something else. Most people won’t wait around very long for the kicker if this video is too long.

6. Use Humor. Laughter is a compelling tool, that both attracts people and creates a feeling of trust at the same time. If you make them laugh, they will want to share the humor with others.

7. Be Creatively Different. Take an everyday chore and make it outrageous. Make something so ordinary appear so different that you jolt peoples attention as they watch the unexpected.

8. Be Homespun: Being visibly “amateur” (as opposed to “amateurish”) can be a positive thing. You don’t need high quality production to make a great viral video. Having a homemade feel can work to your advantage by making you look more real and accessible.

9. Remember Your Brand: What do you – or your company – do best? Find a way to highlight that or make people remember that through the course of your video. Don’t stray too far into the realm of “viral just for the sake of being viral”. You don’t want to be the Super Bowl commercial that everyone talks about as being sensational, while nobody remembers what it was for.

10. Keep It Snappy
. Make sure the content move quickly. Extended explanations, boring dialogue and slow action will make your viewer switch off and move on. Don’t try to include too more content in your video at the expense of your audience’s attention span. Let your website or linked content share the all the other details.

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